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Holding fruit tree sapling incubator in southern Vietnam

12/08/2015 - 19:17

Farmers in an area in southern Vietnam’s Ben Tre Province, which has been recognized as the country’s largest fruit tree sapling producer, have adopted new production and promotion methods and thus markedly enhanced efficiency in recent years.

Cai Mon, an area in the province’s Cho Lach District, has received the title from the Vietnam Record Association.

The area is also known as one of the southern region’s largest fruit grower with its orchards laden with fruits in different kinds.

According to the district’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cai Mon is currently home to 6,000 sapling producers in 19 villages out of the district’s over 8,000 ones.

The area yields around 16-17 million seedlings on average each year.

Ngo Van Tu is one of the longest-standing sapling producers in the area, with the pursuit passed down to three generations who span almost 60 years.

Ngo Tuan Kiet, the family’s second generation, is poised to open a new business and purchase a 1-hectare plot to expand his  seedling-growing area.

All of Kiet’s four children have followed his footstep.

Kiet and his children produce more than 500,000 saplings of various kinds each year.

His plantlets have also made their way to  provinces in the Central Highlands and in the north. 

Kiet shared the key to his success lies in his customers’ trust and the high quality of his seedlings.

Cai Mon’s sapling villages have seen notable changes in the past few years.

According to Ho Thanh Son, a district official, many households have stepped up efforts to seek new customers by showcasing their saplings at commercial fairs and craft village exhibitions.

Farmers now open their offices in cities and launch their own websites.

27-year-old Nguyen Thanh Phuong, who owns Thanh Duy sapling business, is one of the pioneering adopters of the new approaches.

He has launched his representative office in Ho Chi Minh City and runs a website to promote his products and receive orders from across the country.

His business produces more than 200,000 saplings each year and earns profits of over VND300 million (US$13,759.)

Older farmers are also willing to adopt Internet-based applications in his business.

Apart from launching his own website, Nguyen Huu Vinh, 51, has also invested a sumptuous sum to promote his special variety of jackfruit.

Other innovative veteran farmers include Nguyen Van Hoa, who is known for his much-loved Chin Hoa durians with small seeds and yellow flesh, and Le Van Hoa, whose recipe in growing a seedless, green-peeled pomelos is highly regarded.

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